Aurora has lived the life she dreamed of at home with Jules, but her life won’t stay peaceful much longer. To the north of Saylon lies Wamtell, a cold and unforgiving land. Once the Warlocks of Andor came from this land and conquered the Valkwell. The Valkwell revolted and won their freedom, but now the Warlocks of Andor are back and their sights are set on the Valkwell once more.

Wamtell Cold Silence

      Aurora cannot allow the Warlocks to come and retake the Valkwell, so she sets out on a quest to Wamtell. The rise of an old enemy prompts Kerr Enkary tiig Malila to follow Aurora, but not simply as the Heir to Malila. Kerr accepts his father’s legacy to protect Aurora. Harsh winds and cold become the least of the worries when Aurora suffers a devastating injury.

Wamtell Dawn Halo

     Dawn Halo has provided Aurora and her friends a place to rest, but that rest isn't peaceful. They learn why the Knights of Dawn Halo haven't been able to do anything to stop the Warlocks of Andor. This complicates their journey as they must find a way to allow the knights to fight once more. Kerr finds himself torn between being Enkary tiig Malila, Rora Ines and himself. He must find a way to be all three of these things, but how can he balance the two legacies that demand all of him without losing himself?

Wamtell Final Pieces

     Wamtell has presented Aurora and her friends with many challenges, and there are still more to come. They must get a message to King Regroth, or none of the knights scattered and hiding throughout Wamtell will be able to help them. Even if they can accomplish that, the next challenge will be even harder. Stories of the original Andor are nightmares for Kerr. Going anywhere near New Andor will test all the courage and bravery Kerr has.

Wamtell Unbreakable Resolve

     The unthinkable has happened. Aurora has been taken by the Warlocks of Andor. Kerr, Thuban and Wolvow want to rush to the castle to save her, but they know the three of them cannot storm a castle alone. The three of them must meet up with the Wamtell Knights first. In the dungeons of the Wamtell castle, Aurora faces torture at the hands of the most powerful Warlocks of Andor. Slowly, her hope is starting to fade. Aurora and her friends must all hold onto their hope if they ever want to see each other again.