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Mark of Brikyif Saylon Awakening Signed Hardcover Text
(660 pages)
Mark of Brikyif Saylon Acceptance Signed Hardcover Text
(704 pages)
Mark of Brikyif Wamtell Cold Silence Signed Hardcover Text
(470 pages)
Mark of Brikyif Wamtell Dawn Halo Signed Hardcover Text
(528 pages)

When you are ready to complete your purchase, you will be redirected to the Paypal.  At this time, we can only ship in the United States.  The copy will come to you via media mail. 

Shipping is $6 per book.  Quantities of 5 or greater, please email author@mmsudie.com prior to ordering for a custom quote on shipping.

If you need to ship internationally, Bookbaby is set up to do that at this time.  You will receive a hardcover book.  Bookbaby cannot ship to PO Boxes.

To help avoid a mistake when ordering, the order the Mark of Brikyif books go in is

1) Saylon Awakening 

2) Saylon Acceptance

3) Wamtell Cold Silence 

4) Wamtell Dawn Halo

5) Wamtell Final Pieces

6) Wamtell Unbreakable Resolve

Other merchandise 

Mark of Brikyif Wamtell Final Pieces Signed Hardcover Text
(496 pages)

Update for those of you buying books on Amazon

Amazon does not have MM Sudie's books listed properly. The Wamtell adventure will consist of 4 books;
Wamtell Cold Silence
Wamtell Dawn Halo
Wamtell Final Pieces
Wamtell Unbreakable Resolve

I am sorry for any confusion. If you have any questions, please email the author at author.mm.sudie@gmail.com

Mark of Brikyif Wamtell Ubreakable Resolve Signed Hardcover Text
(388 pages)