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Join Aurora on her adventure to Etenrax.

Aurora and her friends embark on a new advnture in the land of Etenrax.

What will this adventure entail and what challenges await Aurora, Kerr Thuban and Wolvow?

Etenrax Coronation

The Coronation of Xury's new Ubell Amitear comes as Aurora and her frineds learn the Shadow Elves have kept a secret about the land of Etenrax. Aurora does not hesitate to lead the way into Etenrax, even as confusing visions begin to fill her mind. Wolvow finds himself tested, but not by the secret his people have kept. The stress of this new journey threatens to make him reveal secrets about himself that he's kept since his childhood.

Etenrax What is Right

Wolvow remembers his father telling to do what he knows to be right, but it's hard when he's faced with Qylena. An angry girl is not the biggest worry on Aurora's mind. Kerr begins to suffer, and then the group is shaken by a loss. Aurora, Kerr, Thuban and Wolvow know they can trust each other, but can they trust Qylena when all around them starts to shake?

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