An oath turned on itself
Trembling hope
Unending resolve

Tha will ubrap ru los Aurora. Tha will alfei dex nera'qon iphtul vec ru kartome jat qon ruk holadarce.

(I will let you take Aurora. I will stand here with'out moving until you have gone out of sight.)

A promise Kerr made and desperately wishes he could take back. His oath to protect Aurora has forced him to let her be taken. All he can do is push on with Thuban and Wolvow, and hope they will not be too late to save Aurora. In the dungeons of the Wamtell castle, Aurora faces torture at the hands of the most powerful Warlocks of Andor. Her will is strong, but with each day she finds it harder to hold on. As the Warlocks push Aurora, she will find strength she didn't know existed, but can she handle it? Aurora, kerr, thuban and Wolvow must all hold tightly to their strength and resolve if they want a chance of being reunited.


Unbreakable Resolve