Mark of Brikyif Novels

Mark of Brikyif Saylon

Join Aurora and her friends in their first adventure across the land of Saylon.

Mark of Brikyif Wamtell

Aurora and her friends return for their second adventure in the land of Wamtell

Mark of Brikyif Etenrax

Aurora and her friends set ou on their third adventure into the land of Etenrax

The Mark of Brikyif novels follow the adventures of Aurora and her friends across the lands of Zarofell.


 Aurora's first adventure. Aurora awakens to a destiny she never expected and finds herself on a journey that will challenge eveything she thought she knew about the world.


Aurora's second adventure. Set two years after Aurora's journey through Saylon was complete. Now, Aurora learns about a threat in Wamtell that will come to Saylon if someone doesn't stop it.


Aurora's thrid adventure. Aurora has enjoyed a life with her husband and sons, but once again, she is called to go on another journey. This time, she travels to Etenrax where a new kind of challenge awaits.