Aurora has enjoyed living with her husband and sons in the city of Xury, Once more, that life is interupted when Aurora's destiny calls for her to go on another journey. The scouts have returned with news of Etenrax, and a secret the Shadow Elves have kept out of fear. Aurora leads the way into this new advnture, though the challenges that start coming up quickly begin to make her wonder if she will make it through this.

        Upon learning what the scouts saw in Etenrax, there is no question of whether Aurora will go. Kerr, Thuban and Wolvow will follow her, though Wolvow does so with many worries and fears on his mind. The selection of Xury's Ubell Amitear was both wonderful and shocking for Wolvow, but the news of their journey to Etenrax fills Wolvow with fear. What the Elves are doing in that land must be stopped, but Wolvow is worried about what the extra stress will do to him. There is another secret about Etenrax that could shine a ray of light, but even Aurora has doubts about that light after meeting an angry young woman.

        Wolvow's father told him to always do what he knew with his mind and heart to be right. All his life, Wolvow has followed that lesson, but now he questions it. Qylena does not make life easy, especially for him. Aurora wants to step in and help, but knows she must let Wolvow and Qylena figure things out on their own. Aurora's mind is quickly distracted when Kerr begins to suffer, but no one knows why. A huge and terrifying shock shakes all of them. Qylena's attitude doesn't help, nor do her constant accusations about Wolvow. When Aurora reaches the point when she's about to break, she and the others have to trust Qylena to help them. There is no choice but to trust Qylena, but can Qylena be worthy of that trust?