Coming This April


Wamtell has already tested Aurora, but it’s not done yet. Losing her voice and fighting through the cold were only the first challenges Wamtell had to offer. In Dawn Halo, Aurora and her friends can recover from their injuries, but rest isn’t likely. There is a reason the knights have stayed in Dawn Halo instead of fighting, and it’s going to complicate everything for Aurora and her friends. Kerr finds himself struggling with the legacies he carries in his blood. The Rora Ines must protect Aurora no matter the cost. Malila’s Heir cannot let the Warlocks of Andor retake the Valkwell. Both of these demand all of who Kerr is, leaving him wondering if he can himself. The choices Aurora and Kerr have made tie them together, but respect and duty can only take them so far without a strong friendship beneath them. While friendship and trust can form a strong bond, even the sturdiest trust can be as brittle as thin ice. Everyone has secrets, but are they always a good idea to hide?